Guide to Buy Bitcoin and Set up GladiaCoin Account


GladiaCoin is a computer program and can only do what we tell it to do.  It is important to be precise in our actions. Errors cannot be undone.
The only error here is a human error. Check and double check before sending transactions. Make sure transaction numbers are complete. Check that the first and last numbers are included. This is entirely your responsibility. GladiaCoin is an extremely simple program. Take your time as this is your first time. Follow this guide step by step and read all the instructions on the websites (blockchain.infoGladiaCoin, carefully and you will be fine.

If you have read everything and still need help, please reach out to us at

1.  Set Up Bitcoin E-Wallet

We recommend, because it is easy to use for beginners, and we have found a good setup tutorial video. Please watch it and follow the instructions. This guide is utilizing in the images.

Access the e-wallet here:
Watch this instruction video:

Once you have opened the e-wallet, it is extremely important to complete the Security Center items in Level 1 and link your mobile number in Level 2.

Write down the Wallet ID and password. They are used to log back in.

Complete the 12 word pass phrase in case the wallet needs to be recovered for any reason.

Find the “Receive Number” under “Be Your Own Bank”. You will need this later.
Please note that will issue a new receive number every day. However, all of the issued receive numbers will always be tied to your e-wallet.

When you have a secured e-wallet, it is time to fund the wallet with some bitcoin.

2. Buy Bitcoin

The amount you need to buy depends on which level of GladiaCoin you are planning to join.

SPARTACUS1 0.05BTC (start here if you are planning to earn by referring people, bitcoin will not double)

SPARTACUS2 0.1BTC (start here if you want your bitcoin to double in 90 days or less)






Enter GladiaCoin to view packages HERE.

Get in at any level you are comfortable with. You can upgrade at any time by purchasing more bitcoin or waiting for automatic payments into your e-wallet.

Note the amount you will need to purchase the level you want. Please make sure to purchase a little extra for the small fees. 0.03BTC is a good buffer amount.

For the current fee recommendation, please watch the following video.

We have found that is the most convenient and reliable place to buy bitcoin using credit/debit card. Access it HERE.

When you have more than the GladiaCoin required bitcoin amount in your e-wallet, you are ready to sign into GladiaCoin.

3. Sign into GladiaCoin

Open GladiaCoin HERE.

Your username can be whatever you want.

Write down the username and password you set up to be sure to be able to enter your account again.

Select the account level you want and when you see the address and amount of bitcoin to send, go back to your account.

The address format looks like this example: 13QTNFc622sskigKNFvswFAv4uokqHvV2E

In the “send bitcoin” form in paste the GladiaCoin receive address exactly.

Click the “advanced send” on the bottom left.

Enter the GladiaCoin required exact amount. Copy and paste to be sure.

After you click send, it may take up to several hours before the payment shows in GladiaCoin. The length of time depends on the amount of transactions taking place in blockchain at any given time.

When you see a full menu on the left side in GladiaCoin main page, your account has been upgraded and you are in the system.



Scroll down on the GladiaCoin DASHBOARD and add the “receive” address from your account where you see BITCOIN WALLET . GladiaCoin will send your payments there automatically.

SECURITY: As a result of repeated ‘hack attacks’ Gladiacoin has set up mandatory Two Factor Authentication on all accounts. For more information about what Two Factor Authentication is please read here. Install Google Authenticator App onto your smartphone and scan the QR code that the Gladiacoin gives you.

Congratulations! You are all set.

You can stay here and watch your bitcoin double during the next 90 days. Or you can read further to see how you can speed up the doubling process.

After 90 days you have an option to take your doubled bitcoins (that have been paid automatically into your e-wallet) or renew your contract with GladiaCoin for the original amount to let it to double again.

4. Referring Others

In order to qualify for referral fees, you need to get two positions under you, one on the left leg and one on the right leg. You can get two additional positions yourself (see Step 5. below) or refer two other people.

Positions A,B, and C.

Positions A,B, and C.

On the main page at DEFAULT LEG you can regulate where the referrals will be positioned, left/right/lower. After your B and C positions are in place, leave the position to “lower” permanently.

On the main page in GladiaCoin you can see a referral code that you can share with others if they are interested in joining the program. It looks like this, where xxxx is your registration name. You will receive a referral fee when someone joins through your link and also when they renew their contracts. Please feel free to share this guide with your downline to help them to get set up.

Please sign the 1st position A up then wait until you get your direct referral link for that position. Then sign up under that link for position B and position C, but DO NOT PAY for those positions yet. Go back into your main account A and under Pending Referrals you will see where you have the 2 accounts in pending. Set one default to the right and set the other default to the left. This will assure you are placing your positions properly to ensure qualification to the referral fees. Then go log in to the new positions B and C and pay for them.

left leg

5. Getting More Positions for Yourself

There is no limit how many positions you can own. Refer yourself to get referral fees for your own additional positions.

We recommend that you get three positions as soon as possible. For instance, position A is SPARTACUS4, position B SPARTACUS2 and position C SPARTACUS2.

In this way, all your position will grow interest when you keep upgrading the position A until level SPARTACUS7 has been reached. You can upgrade at any time. Then you can begin to grow position B until SPARTACUS7 and then position C.

You will get paid for the leg that is earning less. Once paid, the amount goes to back to zero until someone joins or upgrades. Don’t worry about the tactics, techniques and counting points too much. Just follow this basic rule and watch your wealth grow.

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